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What Is The Importance Of Interior Decoration In An Office

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  • 26-07-2022
What Is The Importance Of Interior Decoration In An Office

We ask: what is the importance of interior decoration in an office? We look at reasons why you should improve office interior design and the problems of a disorganised office.

The Importance of Office Interior Design

Good office interior design is a must and cannot be ignored or considered just a luxury in the modern world. A well-designed office space has been known to increase employee productivity and subconsciously influences people's moods, especially those of your potential customers. All successful businesses spend time considering their office space, working with interior designers to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

No matter your industry, whether you're in catering, hospitality, tech-based or agriculture, you can attribute business success to efficient interior design. If you're stuck for ideas or don't know where to start, keep reading this article as we explain the benefits of clean office design. 

Benefits Of Good Of Interior Decoration

Problems of a Disorganised office

If your office interior is poorly designed and messy, this plays a major role in employee morale and business growth. 

Your office environment has been proven by both science and various studies to have a major impact on mental health and job satisfaction. A space conducive to productivity and sales will naturally lead to more sales, with customers returning regularly.

How can you expect clients to trust you if you are not setting yourself up for success? Beyond that, disorganised office interiors are not a healthy workplace for employees to work in, which makes sense. If people spend their time in a space that isn't comfortable and professional and promotes confidence, the standard of their work will suffer.

When it comes to more sophisticated spaces like a lawyer's office, therapists lounge, doctors and similar careers, the atmosphere they convey should promote comfort and positive thinking. 

Reasons to improve office interior design.

There are many reasons you should start reconsidering your office spaces, and interior design consciously affects how our businesses work and how effective they are. 

The importance of office attention and employee job satisfaction is crucial for many bosses, but some are still unaware of the design elements and how these affect worker retention. By bringing in new office furniture, for example, you can significantly reduce procrastination and improve productivity levels during working hours.

Proper lighting and ergonomic furniture can make employees more satisfied and willing to put more work into their job, meaning you will see better business results. If your business stands out against the competition, your employees won't want to be anywhere else, especially when all their needs have been met. Caring for your staff is vital to the success of your company. 

As a good office design combines elements for productivity and is visually appealing, you will notice fewer employee absences when you take time to think through your office designs. 

Happy employees don't only need a flexible workspace and meeting rooms, but you should optimise your space for healthcare settings, meaning the lighting shouldn't be too dark or too harsh.

One of the biggest health issues and reasons for sick days is headaches among employees, which is why nailing the right lighting is crucial. Combine this with bright colours, and your work environment will become more open and friendly, especially compared to darker colours. 

Depending on your business's function, the overall space will have different requirements. Workspaces and office design can work together to increase productivity while looking aesthetically pleasing. 

A graphic design office, for example, can increase employee morale by changing the colour of the furniture and walls. In contrast, an accountancy office can improve its lighting and ergonomic furniture for the same effect.

A cluttered walkway or outdated surroundings not updated for the modern world will not create the best quality work. Office design sets can be purchased to improve the overall attitude of employees and use the space more optimally, helping you ensure you stay productive, which are the most important factors.

The image of your company is important, and evidence-based design can help with one of the most important decisions; designing the interior offices. The colour palette should create a good impression and spark excitement, whether that's for your best staff who are there on a daily basis to clients who visit periodically.

Marketing, graphic design companies and places that work with creativity should capitalise on bold colours and unique furnishings. Straight lines, sophisticated artwork and darker colours can help promote the image of legal firms, accountancy offices and other businesses. 

Art has been associated with power for a long time, meaning a large part of your image can come from hanging paintings on the wall. 

This may seem counter-intuitive, spending more money on your office design to save you money. It is true, though; you can focus your purchases on energy-efficient devices and lightbulbs to lower your electricity bills over time.

Not only do newer lightbulbs help you enhance the office lighting but can lower your utility bills. You can also swap furniture for newer models, therefore creating more space for other businesses to potentially rent out. This is functional and lowers real estate costs when splitting the costs. 

Your business, your brand and your workspace are all linked. All important parts in their own right, you must ensure you are promoting the best image you can, and your office space (and the interior design within) reflect who you are as a business owner and your business's morals.

The more polished, well-designed and professional you appear, the more likely you are to attract new customers and keep your employees happy. The elements and furniture associated with your location and office influence how people think about you, sometimes more than the quality of service. 

Why is workplace wellbeing important?

As we've addressed multiple times throughout this article, improving your office design can lead to increased productivity and motivation from employees and fewer sick days.

This workplace wellbeing has boomed over recent years, but what does it mean?Scientific studies have noted that office design has a direct correlation between productivity and happiness in the office, which makes sense when you analyse how often employees are working. In fact, the UK economy loses approximately £7.5 billion annually due to sick days and poor productivity, all of which can be fixed by making some small changes around the office.

Don't start thinking you can make your employees more productive by bringing in a new rug or colourful pillows because that won't work by itself. Much of the office layout and building flow affects productivity and happiness levels, too. The entire surrounding environment of the room has an effect. This means that you have to take into account:

  • The windows
  • Lighting levels
  • Space from other employees
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Toilet facilities
  • Wall colours
  • Furniture and seating comfort
  • Temperature levels
  • Sunlight
  • Computer placement
  • Flooring
What Is The Importance Of Interior Decoration In An Office?

Trials have been conducted (and continue to be undertaken) into increasing productivity throughout UK offices, but it has been found that increased happiness can lead to a 12% increase in workflow. Improving the happiness and wellbeing of your employees should be the main priority when asking is interior design important to my business.

Open a discussion with them and see what would make their working hours more enjoyable and comfortable because then you will see more work being created during the day. 

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