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How Should I Decorate Commercial Properties

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  • 26-07-2022
How Should I Decorate Commercial Properties

Have you been asking: how should I decorate commercial properties? This article looks at successful commercial interiors and the purpose of commercial interior design. Find out how you can achieve the perfect commercial décor.

Successful Commercial Interiors

Decorating commercial spaces is an integral part of the business planning process, helping your property stand out from the competition. When your clients visualise your commercial property, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression, and the interior space lends itself to many potential themes.

Whether you go for a contemporary theme, elegant, industrial or simply change the furnishings inside your office space, you can help create a welcoming ambience for potential customers. A completed space doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg but can still support business growth. 

Your existing design style may have nothing wrong with it, but if you're considering your next big commercial interior design project and don't know where to start - this is the article for you. We can help you make a well-designed space, educate you on interior design and utilise the experience of our team of commercial interior designers to get more people through your door and increase staff productivity. 

What is Commercial Interior Design?

Commercial interior design is defined as the colour schemes, design goals and room layout established by designers for commercial spaces. Every business requires time spent considering the room's furniture, colours and ambience, not only for the employee's sake but for the business to look attractive and sell more products.

This means a tech company, retail stores, public agency, restaurants and anywhere else that customers and staff meet will need to consider their decor. If your business or public agency resides in a commercial building, you can still follow current trends and ideas to reflect your business model while creating a functional and efficient workspace.

Commercial interior design typically involves more planning and focus to help determine what the best outcome would be for the business. For example, corporate lobbies will require different materials and serve a different purpose than a residential front room, meaning traditional decor may not be the way to go.

Working alongside an architect or interior designer, you can help introduce more effective lighting, transform the space for efficiency and create an aesthetic theme that clients will remember. Architects can produce sketches from your ideas, introducing structure and form to the process where you may be daunted. 

Benefits Of Good Of Interior Decoration

What is the Purpose of Commercial Interior Design?

There are numerous reasons why businesses should not be sleeping on interior design as their next construction project. 

The interior and exterior of a business can tell a lot about the brand and the nature of the employees who work there.

By combining various elements; more lighting, unique decoration, art and furniture, you can convert offices into warm and welcoming premises.

This, of course, is crucial for customers to feel safe and encourage sales. Every company has its own goals for growth, with tech-focused offices having entirely different aspirations than sushi restaurants. 

However, both are responsible for utilising decoration and aesthetics to achieve their intended outcomes. Landscape designers and interior designers can work together to ensure you don't spend a fortune while creating an impression that matters and that sticks. 

How Should I Decorate Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Design Tips

We understand that making a contrast to your current design can be challenging, especially with the many options available to you. 

Using landscaping and different shades creates a unique look for you to stand out against the competition, but where should you be investing your money?

Here are our top commercial property design tips:

As your clients walk through your front door, you want them to be impressed. The cliche of "you only get one first impression" is true, which is done through your doorway. With many solutions to your doors, choosing natural wood or something more modern, you can find yourself with more foot traffic and happier customers. Something as simple as good and comfortable seating for your clients can help improve your services and the attractiveness of your business. 

Business design is more than the interior, as the exterior is the first thing your customers will see. Your store can be inviting by using contrasting colours to your brand or perhaps staying in tune with the surrounding materials and colours. Don't forget to account for trees as part of the natural beauty around your property, either, as they can add significant value. 

Windows are both practical and aesthetic, offering natural sunlight into your property. Architects will know about window placement with the sun's beams throughout the day, so it's worthwhile discussing your requirements with a professional if you have the budget to do so. 

Small windows may not offer enough sunlight nor fit the theme and aesthetic you have established, as window frames and panes are just as important to creating a trustworthy and reliable brand.

No customer wants to sit in an office or waiting room that's too dark, where they don't feel comfortable or can't see what's going on. 

The type of lighting you invest in can also make an impact, as the colour temperature of the bulbs can create a soothing mood or unease. Certain areas may require more lighting than others, such as your reception area or seating areas. 

A good flow of all your furnishings is vital. This takes practise and experience, two things that an interior designer can offer you. One thing worse than having no decorations is having each office area feel separate and different; everything should flow together, with complementary colours and similar materials. 

There is no one easy solution to choosing colours for your business. Typically, business owners will opt for personal preferences or colours that reflect their brand. 

If you are a landlord, you may choose a more neutral theme and colours for tenants, helping put them at ease when they move in and giving them the freedom to paint in the future. The one thing you don't want is clashing colours, though. This can create an eyesore of a company. 

There is nothing more important than a pleasing exterior, especially when it comes to managing and landscaping the plants, shrubs and trees around the property. 

Your property can really stand out against the neighbouring stores when you take care of the environment surrounding you, but this takes time and precision to get right. 

Balance and symmetry is important when creating an aesthetic business design. You don't want to overload one area with furniture and leave other parts empty, so it's important to balance furnishings across a space. How you balance the facade of the building says a lot about the business and can immediately build trust. 

Each room and space in the building requires something different, and how you use that space is crucial to the design's success. A good interior designer can help balance the space and ensure you have all aspects covered. 

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