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How Do You Decorate Like A Rich Person

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  • 07-09-2022
How Do You Decorate Like A Rich Person

How do you decorate like a rich person? Find out how to decorate your house like a millionaire. We explore the top tips to decorate your home like a rich person.

Benefits Of Good Of Interior Decoration

How Can I Style My Residence Like a Millionaire?

 Add Height

High ceilings are one feature that comes to mind when you think of costly or luxurious residences. Painting the walls and ceiling the same colour is one technique to do this, which instantly generates a feeling of grandeur and elegance. This will give the impression that the space is taller and will blur the boundary between the walls and ceiling.

If you decide that this is too risky for you and that you would rather go with white, pick a shade of white that complements the colour of the walls. By painting vertical stripes on the wall or selecting wallpaper with vertical stripes, you may also give height to a space. If stripes aren't your thing, you may get a similar effect by hanging pieces of art in vertical rows along the wall.

 Window Treatments

Window treatments have proven to be one of the most difficult components of space to get right throughout the years. Nonetheless, they have a tremendous impact on the entire atmosphere of a location. Consider them to be comparable to mascara in that they accentuate what is already present visually.

You must do this correctly if you want to decorate like a billionaire.You must first decide whether to utilise blinds, curtains, or shutters, and then narrow your selections even more. Choose curtains that are composed of a strong, high-quality fabric that drapes attractively. You can buy off the shelf, but lined items are more luxurious.

Check to see if the curtains are long enough to reach the floor. Short drapes that finish just below the window are a big no-no in terms of style. When hanging curtains, make sure the rail is as close to the ceiling as feasible. This immediately adds height to the room. Also, make the pole long enough so that the curtains hang without impeding the window while open.

This also allows for a lot more natural light. Roman blinds are significantly more attractive and opulent than roller blinds or Venetian blinds if you choose blinds. When it comes to shutters, nothing beats genuine wood panel shutters for gravitas.

 Disguise your TV

Have you ever seen a TV in a room in an interior design publication? The response is "nope".

Televisions are viewed as an aberration of style; both homeowners and interior designers battle with how to conceal that perpetual black box. To make your room look and feel more refined, consider disguising your TV.

With a wall this beautiful and well-designed, hiding your TV is futile. Why not make it the centre focus of the space, as seen in the top image of a modern living room?

If you spread a few indoor plants around it, you'll nearly feel like you're outside. Even though the TV is not hidden, the area appears much more put together as a consequence than if it were just hanging on the wall.

How Do You Decorate Like A Rich Person?

The depth of a flatscreen, including the mounting bracket, is roughly 200mm or so. Making a recess may be difficult since so much of the wall needs to be removed. Instead, you might use plasterboard to dry line the wall where the TV will be mounted to make it thicker.

 Wall Finishes

People that have a lot of money want to use unusual and distinctive decorations in their houses. Common wall treatments include natural stone, Venetian plaster, polished concrete, silk, a suede-like appearance, and even upholstered walls.

Simply choose a mural that costs a small fraction of the price to have the same appearance on a tighter budget. The use of panels on your walls is yet another way to decorate like a billionaire. Any section of your home may be changed with an easy DIY project at a reasonable cost.

 Layer your Lighting

Lighting is one technique to significantly improve and elevate the look of your decor. Layering your lighting can help you get that "wow" effect that will make a space feel much more opulent.

Layering means that you need to provide a variety of lighting, including task, feature, and ambient lighting.

The lighting is arguably the most important factor when you consider a truly attractive space.

Uplighters can emphasise architectural details, downlighters can open up confined spaces, and LEDs may be cleverly used to draw attention to bookshelves and shelves.

Without spending a million dollars, layered lighting may be achieved quite effectively using LEDs.

Layer Your Lighting decorating tips

 Statement Pieces

Choose sculptural furniture and accessories that appear to belong in an expensive art gallery if you want to design like a millionaire and achieve a more opulent appearance.

That sculptural feeling is influenced by organic curves, geometric forms, and natural materials like glass, stone, and metal. You can always DIY these designer furniture items and accessories if you can't afford their millionaire-price tags.

Advice on How to Style your House to Seem Wealthy:

 Layer Textures

Make sure you use a range of materials in your home to give it a rich, opulent appearance. So feel free to add a faux fur blanket to your velvet sofa.

Although the texture is one of the most crucial elements of interior design, it is oftentimes disregarded in the haste to make crucial decisions. Texture gives a place depth, weight, and appeal; it may also make us feel warm and cosy, leaving us chilly and unfulfilled without it. The texture is a necessary component of any decent space.

Sure, we may use colour and tone to make a space appear warm and welcoming, but a space must also be able to make us feel that way. Layers are necessary for clever texture since they offer depth and intrigue to a space. Adding layers is similar to developing a palette. Find a key component that has a texture you like, then base your design around it.

In order to avoid seeming forced, texture also has to be balanced. It's crucial to select a prominent element to create a mood and highlight it with bursts of contrast, just like with colour. This offers your room character and depth.

 Add a Few Primary Pieces of Furniture

Farmer advises spending money on statement pieces of furniture while creating a living room, for instance, as the sofa and media console are the space's largest and most used furnishings and must be both elegant and useful.

Avoid buying anything that is excessively big, rounded, or "of the moment" and instead choose timeless items that may change with you.

Primary Pieces Of Furniture

 Get a Good Paint Job

A great coat of paint can go a long way; it's a simple way to add some flair and glamour to a space without going overboard.

Life is too short to spend it in a white box unless, of course, that is the explicit purpose of the design.

 Feature a High-Quality Accent Piece

Buying new furniture isn't always necessary if you already have an older or less expensive item that you wish to preserve.

Investing in high-quality accent pieces, such as pillows and throw blankets, can also improve the appearance of the space overall.

In the end, it's more important to combine high and low quality and get the highest quality that your budget will allow.

Feature A High-Quality Accent Piece

 Avoid Matching

It's simple to become fixated on making every item in a space match, regardless of colour, texture, substance, or pattern. Don't even think about it if you want your house to seem expensive. The chicest homes frequently contrast various pieces of furniture, fabrics, and finishes. The principles of colour theory are excellent foundational ideas for interior design.

You can use science to design and not rely on pure taste by using a helpful colour wheel to show you what colours match what as well as decorating principles and colour schemes, which will ensure that your scheme is flawless. A room should ideally coordinate, not match. Coordinated spaces include a variety of textures, patterns, materials, and tones that blend to create a balanced, harmonious appearance.

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