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Domestic Painting and Decorating

Are you looking for domestic painting and decorating in Edinburgh? Our residential painting services offer professional painting and decorating near you.

Residential Painters and Decorators

W. Martin are here to provide a professional and high-quality painting and decorating service in Edinburgh, central Scotland and the surrounding areas. We provide residential clients with our services for their interior and exterior spaces, creating any aspect of painting and decorating aesthetics they could want.

We offer the most competitive prices and rates, continuously updating our services and enhancing our skills and creativity to meet customers' needs and requirements on any street up and down Edinburgh. 

Our team comprises fully qualified and highly experienced painters and decorators who have spent decades honing their skills. Each of them has a great passion for their work, so you can be sure of an efficient, friendly and consistently professional service when you come to us. They can create whatever vision you may have for your home or property, including working with:

W. Martin have been working in the painting and decorating trade since 1988, so you can rest easy, knowing that your home is in good hands. 

A sure sign of experienced tradespeople who provide a truly first-rate service is being in their trade for over three decades. We have also been members of the Scottish Decorators Federation (SDF) for over twenty years.

Naturally, our customers and clients are the driving force behind the decoration of their homes.

Our painting and decorating team are merely here to make your vision a reality; they carry out any design projects and installation you require on any property, including households and company establishments and offices. 

Of course, they will be happy to offer professional advice on any alternatives or possible limitations your project might pose.  

Services We Offer




Spray painting






Country Estates




Art Galleries 

Common Stairs



B & B's 






Rental Properties 



Retirement Homes 




Holiday Lets 



If you need professional painters and decorators in Edinburgh or the surrounding area, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call 0131 336 2887 or email our team today to arrange a free consultation. Our professional and friendly team will be happy to help. We're happy to present you with any free quotes after our first initial discussion.

It's our mission to ensure our specialist teams cover every design aspect, and they complete all manner of jobs for you and your family to enjoy.


Wallpaper stripping 


Ames Taping 

Wall Murals 

Laying flooring 

Skirting Boards

Dado Rails 

Picture rails








Gutters & Downpipes


Window Frames

Door Frames


Communal stair painting

Interior painting

Exterior painting

Feature walls


Protective coatings


Landlord services 



Interior House Painters and Decorators 

If you are looking for a residential painter and decorator in Edinburgh or the surrounding areas of central Scotland, we are your best option.  

All of our interior work is conducted to a very high standard, and we take great pride in the services we provide. Passion for painting and decoration drives us, and we will oversee every tiny aspect of the project from start to finish. 

No matter the scale of your project, our professional team can handle it. From painting your kitchen to decorating your living room and all the smallest touches in between, we will ensure that your interior decoration is as beautiful as you envision it to be. Our team is fully qualified and experienced in using the materials necessary to paint and decorate your home. 

The most crucial stage of any painting and decorating project is the initial preparation. Understanding exactly what our customers want and how we will achieve that is the best way to guarantee good work, and any industry professional would say the same. 

Therefore, we take the time to fully understand how you want your home to look before applying a single inch of paint. 

Those without experience can often overlook these important elements of a painting and decorating job. The smallest details, such as sealing a wall before lining it, can often go unnoticed by those just starting. 

Therefore, it is best to put the painting and decorating of your home in experienced hands. This is the best way to ensure that your vision is fully created, and it will ultimately save you money on having to remedy the mistakes of others. 

Exteriors we can paint

W. Martin and our team of professional painters and decorators are happy to offer our reliable and cost-effective services to those in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. 

We use time-honoured techniques and the finest materials to get the job done, ensuring that your home will look stunning for years to come.  

If you would like to arrange for us to paint your home, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team would be happy to take you through the various domestic painting and decorating services we offer.

Exterior Home Painting 

Knowing who to trust with the painting of your home can be a tricky decision, one that you should not take lightly. This is especially true for the exterior of your home, given that this is the side most people are going to see. We take great pains to reassure you of our expertise, so you have peace of mind knowing the decoration of your home is in good hands. 

W. Martin offer both commercial and domestic painting and decorating in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas of central Scotland. 

We can undertake work on the interior and exterior of your home or property, creating whatever bespoke ideas you have. While you are the primary driving force of the project, we will be happy to offer any friendly, professional advice you could need.

We've carried out plenty of design work on both ends of the painting, decorating spectrum, so please get in touch with us if you require any services or advice. Our friendly staff will be there to assist you at all times during working hours. 

Our passion and expert understanding of our trade make W. Martin your best choice for painting and decorating services in Edinburgh.

Over the years, we've garnered a sparkling reputation in aspects of design. Past customers have demonstrated their satisfaction through beautiful reviews and excellent ratings.

We guarantee a quality service that has provided great satisfaction for all our customers. Our professional team are fully qualified painting and decorating specialists who know their work inside out.

We work alongside some of the industry's best tradesmen involved in Scottish trading to bring you a service that has the best looking materials, equipment and quality workmanship.

Our staff are well-experienced and have been curating and installing excellent, aesthetically pleasing designs for houses across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

Having the exterior of your home freshly painted can rejuvenate your property, giving it a new look and keeping it attractive.

While this can help you increase the enjoyment of living in your home, it is also a crucial consideration if you are thinking of selling your home. Giving it a fresh coat of paint can significantly increase your chances of making a sale. 

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Do you require domestic painting and decorating in Edinburgh? No matter the scale of the project you have in mind, our team are on hand to see it through. 

Give us a call or email us to arrange our services or for some professional advice.


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